No.1 Escape Room Newark Nottingham

SECRETS lie hidden within the dark depths and recesses of Kelham’s great monastic halls; whisperings between resident monks of dark deeds and strange noises cut short by an Abbot’s glare.

Something has certainly gone terribly wrong at Kelham Hall but for now you must put your fears to one side and answer Father Frederick’s call for help as one of his own has VANISHED!

Unseen for days young Novice Tobius is missing and the worst is feared. Father Frederick has asked you to search areas of the great monastery for clues to his whereabouts and bring back the truth.

He claims this is now your SACRED mission.

As you enter this ancient and holy site you can feel the darkness and dread that permeates the very air you breathe.

Sacred Escape Room Newark Nottingham - AGE 12yrs+

We recommend three players minimum for this experience. BOOK NOW!

April 6th.....

Posted by LetsXcape on Saturday, 16 March 2019