As the buzzing summer heat begins to cool over the 7ft swaying crop and with dusk fast approaching now is not a time to be a hero.

A foul stench lingers over Farmer Jackson's forest of maize and locals fear somewhere, deep in its centre, is the answer to his recent mysterious disappearance.

Stricken with grief Jackson's wife has begged you enter the field of crop and uncover the truth of what really happened to him.

Maybe he is dead. Maybe he is still alive?

Faint moaning can be heard from within but none have yet dared enter to locate the source and bring back Jackson.

You have one hour, the choice is yours.......


Farmer Jackson stands back to admire his huge 60 acres of maize crop just outside Newark on Trent. It's another successful year with glorious sunshine across July and August, although some might say it's been too hot!

In fact Jackson can't recall a summer like this in recent memory.

The crop sways lightly in the scorching heat, the breeze a welcome friend as he wipes the sweat from his brow.

To his left Bess, his faithful hound, is staring into the crop sniffing with ears raised. Farmer Jackson smiles once more and turns to climb back into his tractor.

He pauses as Bess's panting turns from a soft pad to a low growl. Looking again Jackson can see the the dog is up on all fours, hackles raised as the growl continues.

The breeze has stopped now and the heat is intolerable. 

"Come on girl, what's the......", but Jackson doesn't finish his question as Bess bolts into the maize the low growl now a loud barking.

Jackson enters the crop muttering to himself about daft dogs. As he follows the trail of broken maize he hears the barking interrupted by a whelp and then silence.....

Jackson moves forward, the heat intense, determined to find his beloved hound but then falters as he hears what can only be described as a slow tearing sound and a gurgling and groaning.

Fear etched on his face and inching forward through the crop, Jackson glimpses what looks like a blonde haired young woman crouched in the maize ahead of him, her back to Jackson and seemingly stroking Bess.  Her greasy matted hair looks unkempt and peering closer her clothes are dirty, worn and bloodied.  A vile smell meets the farmer's nose and his stomach begins to spasm.

Something moves to Jackson's right, a blur of information but the farmer is transfixed on the crouching figure. A fallen piece of maize crunches beneath his foot and Jackson freezes too late.....the crouching girl turns slowly her face appearing from behind dirty blonde locks.

The blood drains from Jackson, and nausea grips him. Muscle and sinew dribble from her mouth, her sunken and vacant eyes blaze with a sickening lust and a shallow groan escapes her lips. Jackson's poor Bess is being devoured by this grotesque abomination now beginning to move rapidly toward him.  

A cry of anguish and fear escape the farmer's lips as he turns to flee. In his panic and grief-stricken state he tears back through the crop left, then right heading always forward but now blind to direction. On and on he runs wildly thrashing through the maize determined to find a way out whilst ever aware of the gruesome creature trailing his efforts.

Finally the maize starts to thin and ahead of him, through the crop, he can see the outline of his tractor. A final glance behind shows nothing following, but, as he turns back he hears and then feels a sharp crack to the side of his head followed by darkness as his body slumps to the ground.............

......through blood blurred vision and a searing pain spreading across his head, Jackson sees and feels the dry husky maize stems he has spent all season tending, brushing past his outstretched hands as he is slowly dragged by his feet back into the immense maize maze, never to be seen again.......